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29 April 2017

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Game details for Saturday

Please use "Draws & Results" above to find out where you game is each week.  Use "Grounds" above to find the field.  Please ensure you know this early in the week so you can ask your coach is you have problems.


Alternatively - use the "My Game Guru" app (for iphones and andriod phones).   There are instructions on their web-site and in the app.  Our association is "Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association".  When searching for your team, start with the club name, "Granville Waratah", and the teams will then appear.


We will put late changes and special details (rescheduled games, info about fields) only on our web site from week to week. Please use one of the above methods to your game details from week to week.


Round 3 special details: 

   U6/Green, field HOR3 is Horlyck Reserve #3".  Byrnes Street, South Granville.

   U6/Red, field CLM2A is "Coleman Park Mini #2A". Georges Avenue, Lidcombe

   U10/2 - We have withdrawn this team.  All players who have been turning up will become part of the 10/1 team - which has a Bye this week.

   U9/Blue - We have withdrawn this team.  All players who have been turning up will become part of the U9/Red team.  Please go to that game this week.


U8/Green.  Late change.  Kick off time now 8:30am, not 9am.  Other details the same. (vs Newington at Wilson Park)

Home field set up roster.

Each team will be allocated one or two home game Saturdays in which they are asked to help set up the fields.  For the younger teams, this needs to be parents, for the older teams - the players can do it. We need about 3 people from the team to come down early - about 7:40am and to help set up the field.  Games start at 9am so the work needs to be done by then.  This is NOT to be the coach - they do enough, we need other parents to pitch in for a couple of hours just one or twice a year.


Please wear clothes and footwear you don't mind getting a bit dirty.  When you get there, look for Tony, Vince, Charles or Noel.


We will have a look-ahead on the schedule here soon, but for the moment, for Round 3, it is the U13/2 team






Granville Waratah
is small but strong club with a long history located on the eastern edge of Parramatta City. The history of the club has been traced to at least 1901, which makes it the oldest Junior Club in the Granville Association. 

If you have any comments or constructive criticism on our web site, please feel free to email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


General Information: 

• Street maps showing Playing Fields are available from the "Grounds" link on the Association front page.
Click Here for instructions on getting to our home ground - "Robin Thomas" reserve.
• Don't understand why you were called offside and he wasn't called for handball - try the "FIFA Laws" site to find out. Always remember that many of the rules refer to the "Opinion" of the referee. There are  Popular Misconceptions".  For that old bug-bear - the offset rule, try this "FIFA Video".
•  Please see the Committee page for contact numbers and e-mails.
Football NSW Insurance Scheme details and claim forms can be found here